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Ken’s Krystal Worm


Red Tail Woolly Bugger

Wet Pumpkin

Marabou Damsel

Spey Casting Clinic

26 March 2017, Meet at the hall by 10 am

Bring a friend, hotdogs, pop/water will be provided.

Follow the Lumby – Mable Lake Road.

Turn left at the Mable Lake Hall / Mabel Lake Community Club sign, onto the Shuswap Falls Road.

(If you go over the bridge crossing the Shuswap River, you have gone too far. Turn around and turn right at the first right turn).

Follow the Shuswap Falls Road a short distance, park at the hall.

Follow the river upstream to the demonstration area.

If you do not have a spey/switch rod, do not worry, you can usually borrow someone's to try.


Members Notice for Polson Park Kids Fishing Weekend

Sunday, 23 April Pond Cleaning – Starts at 7 am.

Lots of help needed, contact Perry Wainwright

Coffe and donuts for the workers

Wednesday, 26 April 2017, Fish Arrive, usually around noon. Come see event.

Saturday, 30 April – Setup – all hands on deck starts at 7 am.

Lots of help needed, contact Perry Wainwright

Breakfast for the workers.

Saturday, 30 April – Kids free fishing 9 am – 4 pm

Sunday, 31 April – Kids free fishing, 9 am – 4 pm

Tear down – all hands on deck, Sunday 31 April 2017, 4 pm

Bead Head Woolly Bugger


Sedge Pupa


Whirligig Beetle


Black Kraken Leech