2020 Suggested Lakes (Fishouts)






Spey Clinic


Murdoc Pt


Mable Lake

Introduction To Fly Fishing / Fly Casting Course

2020 KFF Introduction to Fly Fishing / Fly Casting course is cancelled.

In light of the BC governments announcements on 16 March 2020 and with the health of the students and our KFF member volunteer instructors first in out mind, we are very sad and disappointed in having to cancel the Introduction to Fly Fishing / Fly Casting course for this year.

Adrian Dix, Minister of Health, and Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.’s provincial health officer, have issued the following joint statement regarding updates on the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) response in British Columbia:

“We are issuing a new order prohibiting all public gatherings of more than 50 people. This includes indoor and outdoor sporting events, conferences, meetings, religious gatherings and other similar events.”

“We are also consulting with education stakeholders on potential recommendations for school operations following spring break.”


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2019 Suggested Lakes (Fishouts)

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2020 Fly Tying Course

The 2020 Introduction to Fly Tying course is now open for registration. You can register at the Recreation Centre office and online at www.gvrec.ca

The Kalamalka Flyfishers Introduction to Fly Tying course will run every Tuesdays,  7:30pm-9:30pm, starting Tuesday, 21 January 2020 with the last night on Tuesday, 24 March 2020. That’s 10 nights. Cost of the Fly Tying course is $103.60. Cost of tools and supplies required for the course are extra. No tools or equipment are required the first night. Details of what is required will be given the first night of the course.

The course is designed for the person interested in getting into fly tying. Emphasis is on basic fly tying techniques, construction and material used. Fly fishing methods, presentation and aquatic entomology of the fly is also discussed.

2018 Suggested Lakes (Fishouts)

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Caddis Emerger

Hook: 4X long #8 to #12

Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 Black

Abdomen: Dark olive sparkle chenille

Wing: Partridge (Coat back side with Dave’s Flex Cement) pulled down

Thorax: Light olive dubbing

Wing Case: Pheasant tail

Hackle: (Legs) Natural deer hair – or 6 pieces

Chrystal Boatman

Hook: Scud or Curved Pupa hook, size 12-14  

Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 black or brown  

Shellback: Pheasant tail or brown turkey  

Body: Peacock crystal chenille – medium  

Legs: Super Floss – brown or dark olive

Burlap Nymph


Hook: 3X or 4X long size #8 or #10

Thread: 6/0 Black or Camel

Tail: (optional) natural red pheasant tail fibres

Rib: Copper wire (fine)

Abdomen: String from a burlap bag (make sure it does not go too dark when wet)

Thorax: Peacock hearl

Wing Case: Pheasant tail fibres (optional – brown sparkle yarn)

Hackle: Pheasant tail fibres – tips of wing case (optional – partridge hackle)


Deer Hair Body Caddis

Hook: Standard shank dry fly hook size #8 to#12

Thread: 6/0 Black or colour to match deer hair

Body: Deer hair

Tail: Deer hair (tips of body material)

Wing: Deer hair

Head: Deer hair (butt end of body material)

Business Meeting Minutes 2018

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Foam Beetle


Mayfly Nymph


Polson Pond Cleaning

These are the photos from our current website – they’re from 2007.  I think it’s time we update them…

Doc Spratley


Member’s Events List

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Introduction to Fly Fishing / Fly Casting course

Learn to fly fish with the help of the Kalamalka Flyfishers Society Introduction to Fly Fishing / Fly Casting course.

Designed for the person who has never fly fished and is interested in getting started. This course will teach you everything you need to know to start and enjoy the sport of fly fishing. For the person who has done some fly fishing or would like to get back into fly fishing, the Introduction to Fly Fishing / Fly Casting course is a great refresher. The course covers equipment, knots, finding fish, local entomology and fly casting. We will start you from the very beginning and teach you the proper techniques to cast using a fly rod. Learn to cast into the wind and add more distance.

Each student will receive a detailed fly fishing / fly casting manual. Equipment is not needed for the first night. Each student will require a fly rod, reel and line for the rest of the course.

The Introduction to Fly Fishing course is 5 nights (2 hours each). Held only once a year beginning in early April. Classes are in the evening 7 pm – 9 pm.

Details can be found in the Vernon Parks and Recreation Spring Active Living Guide.

For more information and registration visit the Recreation Centre 3310 – 37 avenue, Vernon or visit them online at https://www.vernon.ca/parks-recreation.

Calibaetis Nymph


Mohair Leech




Introduction to Fly Tying 2017

The Introduction to Fly Tying 2017 course is closed for registration.

Thank you for your interest. The Introduction to Fly Tying course will be back again next year. Please check the Vernon Parks Viagra Coupon Code – Get Free Discount Coupon for Viagra store. and Recreation winter Active Living Guide 2018 for details.

Acetate Bloodworm

Ice Cream Cone

Murdock Point Fish-out

02 April – Meet at Rocky Mountain Transport parking lot at 8 am or Old Town Road parking lot at 9 am.

You need a 2017 fishing licence to fish

Conservation Surcharge Stamp required to catch and keep rainbow trout over 50 cm or char over 60 cm

Rainbow trout daily quota = 1 (none under 50 cm), annual quota = 5

Char daily quota = 1 (none under 60 cm), annual quota = 5

Bring a friend. There will be hotdogs, pop/water.

How to get there:

At Sicamous on the #1 just past the 97A junction going east

Turn left onto Sicamous Solsqua Road (first left, and before Tim Hortons)

Stay on the Sicamous Solsqua Road until you come to a T intersection. Your will cross the bridge over the Eagle River and Hillier Road.

Keep left onto Old Town Road

Stay on this road until you run out of pavement. This is the parking lot area.

If you want to go on, start following the water. It is about 2 kilometers to Murdock Point



Maroon Micro Leech


Ken’s Krystal Worm


Red Tail Woolly Bugger

Wet Pumpkin

Polson Park Pond Kids Free Fishing Weekend

2017 Polson Park Pond Kids Free Fishing Weeked has finished for the year. Saturday saw about 421 young fishers come down to the pond to try their luck catching some of the 1,000 rainbow trout provided by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC. On Sunday about 384 young fishers showed up to catch the rest of the rainbows. For some of these young fishers, this was there first time fishing and for many this was the first time they caught a fish. As it is with fishing, not everyone took home a fish. We look forward to next year, hope to see you there.


There is more to fishing than just tossing a hook into the water. Come down to the Polson Park Duck Pond and see what we are doing.

Pond Cleaning – Sunday, 23 April 2017, starts at 8 am and goes until the pond is clean and filled. 

Fish Arrive – Wednesday, 26 April 2017, usually around noon. Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC will deliver approximatly 1,000 Rainbow Trout.

Kids free fishing, Saturday, 29 April 2017, 9 am – 4 pm

Kids free fishing, Sunday, 30 April 2017, 9 am – 4 pm

Marabou Damsel

Kids Learn To Fish


The Kalamalka Flyfishers Society along with the Shuswap Fly Fishers, Enderby Fish and Game Club, with fish provided by the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC present a day for kids to learn how to fish hosted by the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre.

The day is about more than catching fish, although that does happen. Kids are encouraged to attend a variety of stations: fly tying, fly casting, fishing pond, entomology (insects), and others and have their pass book stamped. They can then enter their pass book to win a number of prizes.

Volunteers are on hand to explain the proper use of fishing tackle and assist the kids as needed.

Business Meeting Minutes 2017

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Spey Casting Clinic

26 March 2017, Meet at the hall by 10 am

Bring a friend, hotdogs, pop/water will be provided.

Follow the Lumby – Mable Lake Road.

Turn left at the Mable Lake Hall / Mabel Lake Community Club sign, onto the Shuswap Falls Road.

(If you go over the bridge crossing the Shuswap River, you have gone too far. Turn around and turn right at the first right turn).

Follow the Shuswap Falls Road a short distance, park at the hall.

Follow the river upstream to the demonstration area.

If you do not have a spey/switch rod, do not worry, you can usually borrow someone's to try.


Members Notice for Polson Park Kids Fishing Weekend

Sunday, 23 April Pond Cleaning – Starts at 7 am.

Lots of help needed, contact Perry Wainwright

Coffe and donuts for the workers

Wednesday, 26 April 2017, Fish Arrive, usually around noon. Come see event.

Saturday, 30 April – Setup – all hands on deck starts at 7 am.

Lots of help needed, contact Perry Wainwright

Breakfast for the workers.

Saturday, 30 April – Kids free fishing 9 am – 4 pm

Sunday, 31 April – Kids free fishing, 9 am – 4 pm

Tear down – all hands on deck, Sunday 31 April 2017, 4 pm

Business Meeting Minutes 2016

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Public Event List

No scheduled activities until further notice.

20 Jun – First Day of Sumer – Take everyone fishing

21 Jun – Fathers Day – Take your Dad Fishing

22 Jun – Meeting Room Open

29 Jun – Meeting Room open – last one until September

01 July to 01 September – Meeting Room closed, gone fishing.

TBD Aug – Kingfisher Learn to Fish

07 Sept -Labour Day – Meeting room closed, might as well go fishing.

14 Sept – Business Meeting

21 Sept – Meeting Room Open

22 Sep – First day of fall – Enjoy the colours, go to the river for some great fly fishing.

27 Sept – BC Rivers Day (4th Sunday in September) – Need we say more.

28 Sept – Meeting Room Open

05 Oct – Business Meeting

12 Oct – Thanksgiving – Meeting room closed, might as well go fishing.

19 Oct – Meeting Room Open

26 Oct – Meeting Room Open

31 Oct – Halloween – Dress up as a fly fisher to go trick or treating.

02 Nov – Business Meeting

09 Nov – Meeting Room Open

11 Nov – Remembrance Day – Pause to remember all those who make Canada such a great place.

23 Nov – Meeting Room Open

30 Nov – Meeting Room Open

07 Dec – Business Meeting

11 Dec – First day of Hanukkah – What a great reason to go fly fishing.

14 Dec – Meeting Room Open

21 Dec – First day of winter – Meeting Room closed for Christmas, with the cooler waters, the fly fishing is great.

24 Dec – Christmas Eve – Another great reason to go fly fishing.

25 Dec – Christmas Day – Spend the day with the family, take them all fly fishing.

26 Dec – Boxing Day – Could be some good deals on fly fishing stuff.

28 Dec – Meeting Room closed for Christmas

31 Dec – New Year’s Eve – Last chance of 2020 to get in some fly fishing.

2021 Happy New Year

Business Meeting Minutes 2015

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2017 Suggested Lakes (Fishouts)

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Bead Head Woolly Bugger


Sedge Pupa


Whirligig Beetle


Black Kraken Leech


Mickey Finn


Royal Coachmen Steelhead


Rockstar Chironomid


Woven Dragonfly Nymph


52′ Buick


Don’s All Bead Chironomid


Mop Fly


Chicky Fly






Doc Spratley


Soft Hackle Shrimp


Pheasant Tail Nymph


sticky test

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