Congratulations to the winners of the Kalamalka Fly Fishers 2020 Ticket Raffle.

And here they are, the winners of the Kalamalka Fly Fishers Society 2020 Ticket Raffle.

  • 2020 First Prize Winner Bill Sanders
    First Prize Winner Bill Sanders
  • 2020 Second Prize Winner Warren Burgess
    Second Prize Winner Warren Burgess
  • 2020 Third Prize Winner Andy Tinworth
    Third Prize Winner Andy Tinworth

Thank you once again to everyone for your support in making the raffle a success

22 March 2020

Good day Members of Kalamalka Fly Fishers.

In lieu of the directions of our government to minimize contact with possible COVID-19 carriers I feel we need to follow the direction given, to stay home and maintain our social distancing to limit possible virus spread. So, at this time I am suspending all Monday night meetings of Kalamalka Fly Fishers until further notice. I realize that we are always under the government maximum number for a group (50) but possible spread of COVID-19 to our members could possibly have very detrimental outcomes for some members. Directors I will be staying in contact with via email or phone. If anyone has any questions please contact me by.

Thank you stay heathy and safe.

Lyndon Walker
Kalamalka Fly Fishers.

Welcome to the Kalamalka Fly Fishers Society (KFF).

As avid fly fishers, we are concerned and active in the conservation, protection, and restoration of fish habitat in the Vernon and surrounding areas.

Education in all areas of fly fishing is a major part of what we do. Whether it is learning to cast using a fly rod, tie your own flies, build your own fly rod or improve your skills, we can help with classes or self-help opportunities.

Getting out and going fishing is what it is all about. Especially getting children started in fishing and maybe one day into fly fishing is our goal. You are never too young or old to start.

Drop in and see what we are all about.

We meet every Monday 7 pm – 9 pm (except holidays) from September until the end of June. There might not be anyone there in July and August, we’ve all gone fishing for the summer. The first Monday of the month is the business meeting, not very exciting  but you are invited to see for yourself. check the events calendar to see what’s happening.

Flies & Fly Fishing Techniques

Produced by the members of the Kalamalka Fly Fishers Society, this book contains 101 flies recommended by the members for use in the BC interior lakes. Each fly is shown with a colour photo and tying menu. The book contains a fly selection chart, based on member’s local expertise, providing the good, better and best times to fish a particular fly. With 13 section based on the type of fly (chironomids, mayflies, leeches, etc.) it is easy to find the fly you are looking to tie for that successful day of fly fishing. Each of these sections contain a brief description of the flies and some hints for successfully fishing that type of fly and all for only $20.

For more information on how to get a copy of this book, talk to any Kalamalka Fly Fishers member or send us an email at kalflyfishers@gmail.com