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A Dictionary of Trout Flies A. Courtney Williams T26
A Fly Fisher's Life Charles Ritz A8
A Modern Dry Fly Code Vincent Marinaro A13
A Primer of Fly Fishing Roderick Haig-Brown A15
A Stain Upon the Sea Stephen Hume, Alex and CR Morton A26
Advanced Custom Rod Building Dale P. Clemens A7
Advanced Fly Fishing Eugene F. Burns A9
Advanced Lake Fly Fishing Robert Alley A14
American Fly Tying Manual Dave Hughes A22
American Nymph Fly Tying Manual Randall Kaufmann A23
Anglers Book of Canadian Fishes F. H. Wooding A10
Angler's Companion Bernard Venables A11
Anglers Workshop Lether Lambuth A17
Angling and Hunting Guide W.F. Pochin A16
Angling in Color Alan Wrangles A25
Angling in the Shadows Jeff Mironuck A21
Aquatic Entomology W. Patrick McCafferty A19
Art and Science of Fly Fishing H. Lenox Dick A4
Art of Fly Tying Claude Chartrand A20
Art of the Trout Fly Judith Dunham A12
Art of Tying the Nymph Skip Morris A24
Art of Tying the Wet Fly James Leisenring & Vernon Hidy A5
Atlantic Salmon Gary Anderson A18
Basic Fly Tying Serge J. Vincent B6
Basic Manual of Fly-Tying Paul N. Fling/Donald L. Puterbaugh B15
Beginning Guide to Fly Tying Chris Mann & Terry Griffiths B4
Blue Ribbon Bow Jim McLennan B7
Book of Trout Flies Preston J. Jennings B3
Bright Waters, Bright Fish Roderick Haig-Brown B1
British Columbia Game Fish Pete Broomhall Jack Grundle B2
Caddis and the Angler Larry Solomon & Eric Leiser C11
CaddisFlies Gary Lafontaine C14
Cannibal Trout Andrew Williams C10
Catskill Fly Tier Harry Darbee C7
Challenge of the Trout Gary Lafontaine C8
Chauncy Lively's Fly Box Chauncy Lively C12
Classic Guide to Fly Fishing for Trout Charles Jardine C13
Classic Steelhead Flies John Shewey C21
Cleaning and Cooking Fish Sylvia Bashline C2
Compleat Kilburn Jim Kilburn C3
Complete Book of Fly Fishing Joe Brooks C4
Complete Book of Fly Tying Eric Leiser C17
Complete Book of Freshwater Fishing P. Allen Parsons C15
Complete Brown Trout Cecil E. Heacox C16
Complete Fly Tier Reuben R. Cross C6
Complete Guide of Fishing Jens Ploug Hansen + Others C1
Consise Illustrated Book of Freshwater Fish Trevor Housby C5
Contemporary Fly Patterns Art Lingren C9
Creative Fly Tying and FlyFishing Rex Gerlach C18
Currents and Eddies William J. Schaldach C19
Deceiving Trout John Parsons D3
Deep Currents Roderick Haig-Brown D1
Deschutes Dave Hughes D9
Designing Trout Flies Gary A. Borger D5
Dettis A Catskill Legend Eric Leiser D6
Dry Fly Fishing Barry Shurlock D4
Due North of Montana Chris Dawson D8
Dyeing and Bleaching John Gierach D2
Egg Cures Scott Haugen E1
Elements of Angling H. T. Sheringham E2
Encyclopedia of Fishing the British Isles Micheal Pritchard E4
Essential Fly Tier J. Edson Leonard E3
Famous British Columbia Fly Fishing Waters Art Lingren F20
Famous Flies and their Originators T. Donald Overfield F70
Fiberglass Rod Making Dale P. Clemens B14
Fiberglass Rod Making Dale P. Clemens F6
Fifty Favorite Nymphs T. Donald Overfield F39
Fifty Popular Flies Tom Stewart F55
Fish and Game in British Columbia A. Bryan Williams F42
Fish and Tell and Go to Hell F78
Fish of the Summer Stillwaters John Bailey F35
Fishermans Summer Roderick Haig-Brown F31
Fisherman's World Charles F. Waterman F89
Fisherman's World in Picture SlavaStochi F12
Fishing - Visual Reference Guides Henry Gilbey F93
Fishing BC Okanagan Wesley and Russell Mussio F26
Fishing Canada's Mountain Parks James R. Butler & Roland R. Maw F49
Fishing Dry Flies for Trout Art Lee F67
Fishing Flies and Fly Tying William F. Blades F62
Fishing North America Frank Oppel F4
Fishing North America Frank Oppel F81
Fishing the Dry Fly as a Living Insect Leonard M. Wright F15
Fishing the Midge Ed Koch F79
Fishing Trout Lakes Skip Morris & Brian Chan F80
Fishing Vignettes Cecil Braithwarte F74
Fishing With My Old Guy Paul Quarrington F91
Fishing; British Columbia Commercial Fishing History Joseph E. Forester & Anne D. Forester B9
Flies J. Edson Leonard F85
Flies Best 100 Randle Scott Stetzer F28
Flies for Alaska Anthony Route F71
Flies for Trout Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen F53
Flies of the Northwest Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club F38
Flies of the Northwest (new edition) Inland Empire Fly Fishing Club F37
Flies, Ties and Techniques Charles Jardine F87
Float Fishing Billy Lane F77
Float Tube Fly Fishing Deke Meyer F88
Float Tube Magic Patricia C. Pothier F61
Float Tubes, Fly Rods Marv Taylor F52
Fly and the Fish John Atherton F90
Fly Casting Frank Amato & Jim Schollmeyer F19
Fly Casting Techniques Joan Wulff F23
Fly Dressers Guide John Veniard F2
Fly Dressing David J. Collyer F56
Fly Dressing Guide John Veniards F82
Fly Dressing Materials John Veniard F57
Fly Fish the Trout Lakes Jack Shaw F10
Fly Fish the Trout Lakes Jack Shaw F40
Fly Fishing Stephen Windsor F75
Fly Fishing British Columbia Karl Bruhn F18
Fly Fishing Canada Robert H. Jones F43
Fly Fishing Coastal Cutthroat Les Johnson F25
Fly Fishing Compact Guides Brian Furzer F95
Fly Fishing Digest Bill Wallace F30
Fly Fishing Equipment & Techniques Jeannot Ruel F94
Fly Fishing Flies Charles F. Loewen F36
Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout Brent Curtice F22
Fly Fishing for Trophy Trout Brent Curtice F64
Fly Fishing Heresies Leonard M. Wright F66
Fly Fishing in British Columbia Karl Bruhn F83
Fly Fishing Pacific Northwest Waters John Shewey P4
Fly Fishing Small Lakes for Trout Gordon Honey & Kenneth Strand F84
Fly Fishing Stillwaters Donald V. Roberts F11
Fly Fishing Stillwaters for Trophy Trout Denny Richards F41
Fly Fishing Strategies for Stillwaters Brian Chan F1
Fly Fishing the Canadian Rockies Joey Ambrosi F48
Fly Fishing the Thornton Anthology Barry M. Thornton F73
Fly Fishing with the Fish Snob Fred Anderson F96
Fly Leaders and Knots Larry V. Notley F32
Fly Pattern Encyclopedia Al & Gretchen Beatty F17
Fly Patterns an International Guide Taff Price F60
Fly Patterns an International Guide Taff Price F60a
Fly Patterns for Stillwater Philip Rowley F29
Fly Patterns of Alaska Alaska Fly Fishers F46
Fly Patterns of Alaska Alaska Fly Fishers F72
Fly Patterns of British Columbia James Lingren F14
Fly Patterns of Roderick Haig-Brown James Lingren F9
Fly Patterns of Umpqua Feather Merchants Randall Kaufmann F65
Fly Patterns of YellowStone Craig Mathews & John Juracek F47
Fly Tiers Benchside Reference Ted Leeson & Jim Schollmeyer F16
Fly Tiers Companion Mike Dawes F8
Fly Tiers Handbook Gene Kugach F24
Fly Tiers Manual Mike Dawes F7
Fly Tyer's Almanac Robert H. Boyle & Dave Whitlock F13
Fly Tyers Masterclass Oliver Edwards F44
Fly Tyers Pattern Bible Dick Surette F45
Fly Tying Bible Peter Gathercole F51
Fly Tying for Salmon Eric Taverner F34
Fly Tying Illustrated Freddie Rice F54
Fly Tying made Clear and Simple Skip Morris F97
Fly Tying Materials, Tools and Techniques Helen Shaw F3
Fly Tying Materials, Tools and Techniques Eric Leiser F86
Fly Tying Methods Darrel Martin F58
Fly Tying Principles and Practice Gerald Burrard F76
Fly Tying Problems and their Answers John Veniard & Donald Downs F68
Fly Tying Techniques Jacqueline Wakeford F69
Fly Tying with Poly Yarn Lee Clark & Joe Warren F33
Fly Tying with Synthetics Phil Camera F59
FlyLines and Fishtales John Grain F21
Freshwater Fishing Morie Morrison F31
Freshwater Fishing Fred Buller & Hugh Falkus F50
From Field to Fly Scott J. Seymour F27
Frontier Flies Troy Bachmann F63
Game Fishing in the West Mike Cramond G3
Gilly Alfred G. Davy G1
Go to Flies Tony Lolli G2
Greased Line Fishing Jock Scott G5
Great Rivers, Great Hatches Charles Mek & Greg Hoover G6
Guide to Aquatic Trout Food Dave Whitlock G4
Handbook of Fly Tying Peter Gathercole H4
Handbook of Hatches Dave Hughes H3
Hardy's Book of Fishing Patrick Annesley H8
Hatch Guide for Lakes Jim Schollmeyer H1
Hatch Guide for Western Lakes Jim Schollmeyer H1
Hatches Al Caucci & Bob Nastasi H9
History of Fly Fishing for Trout John Waller Hills H5
Hooked on Flies William Black H10
How to Dress Salmon Flies Pryce Tannatt H2
How to Fish from Top to Bottom Sid W. Gordon H7
How to Tie a Fishing Fly Fadg Griffiths H6
In the Ring of the Rise Vincent Marinaro I6
Innovative Flies and Techniques Al & Gretchen Beatty I2
Insect Guide Rick Passek I1
International Guide to Fly Tying Materials Barry Ord Clarke & Robert Spaight I4
International Guide to Trout Flies Bob Church I5
Introduction to Fly Tying Peter Cockwill I3
Just Fishing Arthur Ray Bergman J2
Keeper of the Stream Frank Sawyer K3
Knots and Splices Steve Judkins & Time Davison K1
Kokanee Dave Biser K5
Kootenay Fly Tying Henning Van Krogh K2
Lake Fishing Best of B C Karl Bruhn L6
Lake Fishing with a Fly Ron Cordies & Randall Kaufmann L7
Lake Fly Fishing Guide Jim Bradbury & Beverly Miller L2
Lake Fly Fishing Strategies Bob Sheedy L1
Last Pool Howard T. Walden L3
Lee Richardson's BC Lee Richardson L5
Lee Wulff on Flies Lee Wulff L8
Lets Save Our Salmon Jean-Paul Dube L9
Lure and Lore of Trout Fishing Alvin R. Grove L4
Master Fly-Tying Guide Art Flick M18
Mastering the Art of Fly Tying Richard W. Talleur M1
Mastering the Nymph Gordon Fraser M12
Mastering the Spring Creeks John Shewey M17
Masters of the Nymph J. Micheal Migel & Leanord M. Wright M13
Masters on the Dry Fly J. Michael Migel M10
Matching Mayflies Dave Hughes M5
Matching the Hatch Ernest G. Schiebert M15
May Flies Top to Bottom Shane Stalcup M4
Mayflies the Angler and the Trout Fred L. Arbona M9
McClane's Fishing Encyclopedia M2
McClanes Standard Fishing Encyclopedia F5
Meanderings of a Fly Fisherman Seth Norman M11
Modern Fly Dressings for the Practical Angler Poul Jorgensen M7
Modern Fly Lines Bruce Richards M3
Modern Fly Tying Techniques John Veniard & Donald Downs M14
Modern Streamers for Trophy Trout Bob Lensenman & Kelly Galloup M8
Modern Trout Flies Poul Jorgensen M6
My Favorite Western Canadian Fly Patterns Mac Warner M16
Naturals Guide to Food Organisms Gary A. Borger N11
New Compleat Angler Stephen Downes & Martin Knowlden N9
New Fisherman's Encyclopedia Stockpole Company N2
Northwest Angler Enos Bradner N8
Nymph Fishing Dave Hughes N3
Nymph Fishing for Larger Trout Charles E. Brooks N4
Nymph Fly-Tying Techniques Jim Schollmeyer N10
Nymphing A Basic Book Gary A. Borger N7
Nymphs Ernest Schwiebert N1
Nymphs ad the Trout Frank Sawyer N6
Nymphs Tying and Fishing Larry Tullis N5
Osprey Fly Box Osprey Fly Fishers O1
Pacific Northwest Fly Patterns Patrick's Fly Shop P1
Patent Patterns Jim Schollmeyer P13
Phenological Fly Bob Scammell P10
Pleasures of Fly Fishing V. S. Hidy P3
Popular Fly Patterns Terry Hellekson P12
Practical Flies and their Construction Lacey E. Gee & Erwin D. Sias P8
Presentation Gary A. Borger P7
Probasco's Favorite Northwest  Flies Steve Probasco P9
Production Fly Tying A. K. Best P6
Professional Fly Tying and Spinning George Leonerd Herter P11
Professional Fly Tying, Spinning and Tackle George Leonerd Herter P2
Pursuit of Stillwater Trout Brian Chan P5
Quill Gordon John McDonald Q1
Reservoirs and Lake Flies John Veniard R1
Return to the River Roderick Haig-Brown R2
Salmon Flies Poul Jorgensen S13
Salmon to a Fly Jim Crawford S5
Saltwater Fly Fishing Barry M. Thornton S4
Second Fly-Tyers Almanac Robert H. Boyle & Dave Whitlock S17
Selective Trout Doug Swisher & Carl Richards S3
Shadow of the Salmon C. Barr Taylor S6
Simple Flies C. Boyd Pfeiffer S30
Smelt Fly Patterns Donald A. Wilson S28
Soft Hackled Flies Sylvester Nemes S18
Soft Hackled Fly Addicts Sylvester Nemes S19
Spey Casting Simon Gawesworth S7
Sport Fishes of Western Canada F. C. Whitehouse S24
Sportsman Bookshelf Flies and Fly Tying Stockpole Company S25
Steelhead Barry M. Thornton S27
Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies Trey Combs S1
Steelhead Fly Fishing and Flies Barry M. Thornton S2
Steelhead Fly Tying Manual Tom Light & Neak Humphrey S16
Steelhead Paradise John F. Fennelly S12
Stillwater Fly Fishing T. C. Ivens S14
Stillwater Fly Patterns Bob Sheedy S10
Stillwater Selections Phil Rowley S29
Stillwater Solutions Recipes Brian Chan & Phil Rowley S9
Stillwater Trout John Merwin S21
Stillwater Trout Flies Peter Lapsley S23
Stoneflies Carl Richardson, Doug Swisher, Fred Arbona S22
Stoneflies for the Angler Eric Leiser S11
Strategies for Stillwater Dave Hughes S26
Streamer Fly Tying and Fishing Joseph D. Bates S8
Streamside Handbook Craig Woods S15
Swing Tipping Fred Foster S20
The Art and Craftmanship of Fly Fishing Alf Walker A2
The Art of Fly Dressing Bill Tagg A3
The Art of Fly Fishing W. Keith Rollo A6
The Art of Fly Tying John Van Vliet A1
The Art of Knots Marc P. G. Berthier A27
The Battenkill John Merwin B5
The Dry Fly Gary Lafontaine D7
The Joys of Trout Armold Gringrich J1
The Trout and the Fly Brian Clarke & John Goddard T33
The Wildlife Series Trout Judith Stolz & Judith Schnell W9
The Year of the Angler Steve Raymond Y2
This Wonderful World of Trout Charles K. Fox T25
To Rise a Trout John Roberts T17
Treasury of Angling Larry Koller T5
Trolling Flies for Trout and Salmon Dick Stewart &Bob Leeman T2
Trout Ray Bergman T28
Trout and Salmon Flies John Buckland T22
Trout Fisherman's Bible Dan Holland T12
Trout Fisher's Almanac Edited by Sid Evans T16
Trout Fishing Joe Brooks T29
Trout Fishing and Trout Flies Jim Quick T14
Trout Flies Gary Lafontaine T23
Trout Flies Dave Hughes T24
Trout Flies for the 21st Century Dick Talleur T1
Trout Flies Naturals and Imitations Charles M. Wetzel T34
Trout Flies of Stillwater John Goddard T35
Trout Flies of the West Jim Schollmeyer & Ted Lesson T21
Trout Fly Fishing and Fly Tying Philip White T31
Trout Fly Patterns Taff Price T9
Trout Fly Recognition John Goddard T19
Trout School Mark Hume with Mo Bradley T36
Trout Stream Fly Fishing Harry Murray T8
Tying and Fishing Terrestrials Gerald Almy T32
Tying and Fishing the Fuzzy Nymphs R. H. Rosborough T20
Tying and Fishing West's Best Dry Flies Bob Wilson & Richard Parks T13
Tying Dry Flies Randall Kaufmann T7
Tying Dry Flies Randall Kaufmann T18
Tying Flies Jack Dennis T27
Tying Flies for BC Game Fish Jim Fisher T10
Tying Flies for Trophy Trout Jack Shaw T3
Tying Foam Flies Skip Morris T6
Tying Glass Bead Flies Joe J. Warren T4
Tying Nymphs Randall Kaufmann T15
Tying Stillwater Patterns for Trophy Trout Denny Richards T11
Tying the Swisher and Richards Flies Doug Swisher & Carl Richards T30
Ultimate Fishing Book Lee Eisenberg & Decourcy Taylor U1
Ultimate Fly Box BC Outdoors U3
Universal Fly Tying Guide Dick Stewart U2
Way of a Trout with a Fly Gem Skues W7
Westcoast Fly Fisher Brian Chan, Kelly Davison, Art Lingren W1
Western Hatches Rick Hafele & Dave Hughes W2
Western Trout Flies Tying Manual Jack Dennis W4
Western Trout Flies Tying Manual Volume 2 Jack Dennis W5
Wet Flies Dave Hughes W3
What the Trout Said Datus C. Proper W8
Whitefish Can't Jump E. Donnall Thomas Jr W11
Wisdom of the Guides: Rocky Mountain Trout Guides Talk Flyfishing Paul Arnold W6
World Class Match Fishing Kevin Ashurst W10
Young portsman's Guide to Fly Tying Ray Ovington Y1