Ticket Raffle

First Prize Winner - Darin Patrick of Vernon

Second Prize Winner - Lorna Dewar of Vernon

2018 Ticket Raffle Winners

First Prize - Darin Patrick - (Vernon)

Second Prize - Lorna Dewar (Vernon)

Third Prize - Gordon Greatrix (Penticton)

Each year the Kalamalka Flyfishers holds a ticket raffle to raise money for the Kingfisher Interoperative Centre and an Okanagan College bursary. All remaining funds generated after the Kingfisher donation and the Okanagan College bursary goes towards the Polson Park Free Kids Fishing Weekend.

Kingfisher Interpretive Centre Society $1,500 donation

The Kingfisher Interpretive Centre Society (KICS) is a not-for profit, volunteer driven community based salmon hatcher and environmental education centre. KICS was established almost three decades ago in response to the near extinction of salmon stocks in the Shuswap River. The KICS is a watershed enhancement organization dedicated to interactive, hands-on ecological education, featuring salmon and watershed restoration. With conservation and education as part of KICS’s core purposes, the same as the Kalamalka Flyfishers Society, the Kingfisher Interpretive Centre Society was a natural choice for our support. Through the sale of raffle tickets, the Kalamalka Flyfishers Society donates $1,500 each year to the KICS. This donation is then matched by the government.

Okanagan College $1,000 Bursary

The Kalamalka Flyfishers Bursary is awarded to an Okanagan College student in their second year of full-time study in the Water Quality Technology program. The student must be pursuing a career in the Fisheries or Conservation area. Started in 1995 with an annual bursary of $500, we are proud that we have helped may students reach their goals. Now at an annual bursary of $1000, with your help, we hope to help many more.


Let’s not forget the prizes. First prize is a high end custom fly rod and case, reel and line. The fly rod is custom built by one of our members. Second prize is again a high end custom fly rod and case, custom built by one of our members. Third prize is a fly box with at least 30 hand tied flies. All flies are hand tied by Kalamalka Flyfishers Society members. We only tie flies that work for us.   Problem Gambling Help Line  1.888.795.6111 www.bcresponsiblegambling.ca Know your limit, play within it. Must be 19+




Past Winners

First Prize 2018

Second Prize 2017

Third Prize 2018

Darin Patrick

Lorna Dewar

Gordon Greatrix

First Prize 2017

Second Prize 2017

Third Prize 2017

Frank Prechnik

Roxanne Turcotte

Ozzie Cochrane

First Prize 2016

Second Prize 2016

Third Prize 2016

Greg Bobietes

Adrian Hizar

Rob Johnson

First Prize 2015

Second Prize 2015

Third Prize 2015

Michael Wasylnka

Viv Falconer

Troy Watts

First Prize 2014

Second Prize 2014

Third Prize 2014

Rachel Moxham

Alexander Kazimer

Mike Allen

First Prize 2013

Second Prize 2013

Third Prize 2013

Tami Burgess

Jeff Reman

Perry Wainwright

First Prize 2012

Second Prize 2012

Third Prize 2012

Minnie Betker

Caroline Jensen

Matt Greenberg

First Prize 2011

Second Prize 2011

Third Prize 2011

Cory Salahubs

John Vanlerberg

Gary Arbuckle

First Prize 2010

Second Prize 2010

Third Prize 2010

Dave Hayward

Ken Kletsky

Trenton J. Hoath

First Prize 2009

Second Prize 2009

Third Prize 2009

Gary Wilkie

Eleanon Dean

Art Haycock

First Prize 2008

Second Prize 2008

Third Prize 2008

Ed Baerg

Tara Willey

Tom Gerow

First Prize 2007

Second Prize 2007

Third Prize 2007

Art Haycock

Warren Friesen

Garry Molitwenik

First Prize 2006

Second Prize 2006

Third Prize 2006

Jeremy Peter

Les Robinson

Owen Willey

First Prize 2005

Second Prize 2005

Third Prize 2005

Brennan Storr

Dave Hamm

Bob Otway

First Prize 2004

Second Prize 2004

Third Prize 2004

Ellen Shaw

Don Julfeth

Norm Martens

First Prize 2003

Second Prize 2003

Third Prize 2003

Justin Rodes

Kevin Hillier

Larry Duncan

First Prize 2001

Second Prize 2001

Third Prize 2001

Robbin Browning

Peter Davis

Vince Milton