SUBMITTED BY: Ruben Breitkreutz

Fly Tied and Photo taken by Ruben Breitkreutz

FISHING METHOD:  Floating line with 10 -18 Ft leader.  Use a slow retrieve (6 – 8 seconds for each hand twist) with a couple 2 – 3 inch pulls every 25 – 30 seconds. Try wind drifting the fly off an indicator. Clear Intermediate sinking line with a 9 foot leader. Use a slow hand twist retrieve trying to keep the fly just off the bottom.
 Hook  Tec Twin NF200 size 10-14
 Thread  8/0 Black
 Tail  Hackle tips – black
 Ribbing  Copper wire – fine
 Body  Hares ear (sparse)
 Thorax  Peacock Herl
 Wing case  Same as tail
 Hackle  Partridge hackle
 Head  Black thread

1.           Pinch your barb and lay down a thread base to the bend of the hook.

2.           Tie in 4 –6 hackle fibres for the tail.

3.           Tie in the rib.

4.           Dub 2/3 of the hook shank with a sparse amount of hares ear dubbing for the body.

5.           Counter wind the ribbing material up the body (5-7 wraps) and tie off.

6.           Tie in 8 to 10 hackle fibres for the wing case.

7.           Tie in 2 -3 strands of herl; wrap forward to build the thorax.

8.           Tie off and trim the thorax material.

9.           Pull the wing case over the herl and tie off.

10.     Tie in and wind the hackle with two turns of the Partridge feather.

11.       Tie off the hackle and build a small head.

12.       Add a small amount of glue to the tying thread, and whip finish the fly.

Finishing the fly this way keeps the glue from being absorbed in to the thorax.