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Caddis Emerger

Hook: 4X long #8 to #12

Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 Black

Abdomen: Dark olive sparkle chenille

Wing: Partridge (Coat back side with Dave’s Flex Cement) pulled down

Thorax: Light olive dubbing

Wing Case: Pheasant tail

Hackle: (Legs) Natural deer hair – or 6 pieces

Chrystal Boatman

Hook: Scud or Curved Pupa hook, size 12-14  

Thread: 6/0 or 8/0 black or brown  

Shellback: Pheasant tail or brown turkey  

Body: Peacock crystal chenille – medium  

Legs: Super Floss – brown or dark olive

Burlap Nymph


Hook: 3X or 4X long size #8 or #10

Thread: 6/0 Black or Camel

Tail: (optional) natural red pheasant tail fibres

Rib: Copper wire (fine)

Abdomen: String from a burlap bag (make sure it does not go too dark when wet)

Thorax: Peacock hearl

Wing Case: Pheasant tail fibres (optional – brown sparkle yarn)

Hackle: Pheasant tail fibres – tips of wing case (optional – partridge hackle)


Deer Hair Body Caddis

Hook: Standard shank dry fly hook size #8 to#12

Thread: 6/0 Black or colour to match deer hair

Body: Deer hair

Tail: Deer hair (tips of body material)

Wing: Deer hair

Head: Deer hair (butt end of body material)

Foam Beetle


Mayfly Nymph


Doc Spratley


Callibaetis Nymph


Mohair Leech




Acetate Bloodworm

Ice Cream Cone

Maroon Micro Leech


Ken’s Krystal Worm


Red Tail Woolly Bugger

Wet Pumpkin

Marabou Damsel

Bead Head Woolly Bugger


Sedge Pupa


Whirligig Beetle


Black Kraken Leech


Mickey Finn


Royal Coachmen Steelhead


Rockstar Chironomid


Woven Dragonfly Nymph


52′ Buick

Don’s All Bead Chironomid


Mop Fly


Chicky Fly